Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beauty Shop

This morning I got my hair done at MC's beauty shop. She announced she was Miss Cathy (who cuts mine and the kids' hair) and told me to sit down.

I sat in a child's chair (which she asked me to move from the playroom into the bathroom). She gave me the rubber, non-skid padding that goes under her playroom table's tablecloth to use as a cape. I tucked it into my shirt like a napkin so it would stay put. "Miss Cathy" then used a comb and a brush on my hair. She said the comb puts tangles in it and the brush gets them out. Then we went back into the playroom (actually 3 times altogether) so I could (squat down awkwardly and) get my head under her play kitchen's sink and she could wash my hair.

When we were finished with this, we had to put all the babies to bed so they could go to sleep and not scare us. Then we were very quiet so as not to wake them up. As it turns out, we were stepping too fast, and scared them, and they had a bad dream. So we went over to them and gave them a little loving and told them it was only a dream and put them back to bed.

My hair looks great, by the way. And the babies are still sleeping in their bed.

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Marie said...

Yaa hoo! I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)