Sunday, December 16, 2007

Second Grade Humor

We were driving from church to our favorite Sunday brunch restaurant, The Irregardless Cafe, when we heard J say, "Boy this road sure is edible!" Me: "Edible?" J: "Yeah, do you get it? Like Rocky Road ice cream!!!" (The street was very bumpy.)

J makes up jokes all the time these days. Some of them are very funny. Many of them require an explanation like the above example before we "get it".
MC laughs no matter what. She loves her big brother.
Today J bought MC a bracelet from our gift shop at church (proceeds benefit outreach) for Christmas. He had already picked out gifts for James and me, which we had already opened at his request. Delayed gratification is not one of his strong points. She loved it and kept saying "Thank you for this bracelet J!" I asked J if it felt good to give presents, and he said yeah.

I am so grateful for their good relationship. They are best of friends, and I am glad they will have each other in the days to come as well. I think this Christmas may be the most fun yet for our family.

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