Wednesday, December 5, 2007

changing email addresses

Today I have been sitting at my computer for long periods of time trying to complete a conversion from an old email address to a new one. There are so many things to think about. I'm sure I've cut ties with some people who had my old email address, but I somehow didn't notify them of the change.

I contacted my creditors so that the notifications they sent to me about when my statements are ready to my old email will now be sent to my new one. Most everything has gone smoothly, but I don't trust it all until I see it working. And, I'm sure there are things that I've signed up for that use my old email account, and I won't be hearing from them again.

Poor MC (I'm going to use my children's initials like my sister does in her blogs) is fighting an ear infection today. She's getting mucho TV time. I need to go check on her to get her to drink some more fluids. Although I hate that she's sick, it has been helpful to me today to do all my computer stuff!

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