Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Feeling Better

There is such a difference between the personality of a sick person and the personality of a person who is feeling better. When MC was sick, she was more subdued, a little grumpier, and simply less - overall. We knew she was feeling better when her smiles returned, and she began singing and dancing again. And resuming the constant talking that makes me refer to her at times as "Chatty Cathy."

It's easy to forget what their normal personality is like when they're sick, too. It affects the parents' attitudes as well, and as a result the whole household is more subdued, a little grumpier, and simply less - overall. It doesn't help when the mom is sick too. I realized yesterday that the sinus infection for which I had been treated over 3 weeks ago had not ever completely gone away. In fact it was getting worse. Sleep deprivation had been accumulating as well, and was zapping my energy and source of optimism.

So, my wonderful husband called me from work yesterday to check in and asked me if I was going to see the doctor. I said maybe tomorrow, because the bus is coming and MC is napping now, and excuse and other excuse, etc. He asked if it would help if he came home right then, and I started to say no, don't worry about it. But I didn't. I can't get better if I don't have this infection gone, and the opportunity to catch up on my rest. So I said yes, please. That would be great.

When he came home, I drove to a Minute Clinic at a local CVS pharmacy, where within 15 minutes I had been diagnosed officially with a sinus infection and given a prescription for a different antibiotic. I had it filled and came home to supper in the oven and kids and dad watching The Little Drummer Boy on DVD. After supper I took a nap, then went to bed at 9:30 for the night.

This morning I'm feeling more optimistic and aware that the drugs are working already. The kids woke up in great moods this morning. I want to publicly thank James for the wonderful man he is and all the support he gives me so that I can be healthy and have my usual optimistic personality with me most of the time. He and I believe that God meant for us to find each other, and when I look at our family, I know that is true. I am grateful for my family, my overall health, and my optimism. I know others who are struggling right now and I wish for them peace. I also pray that they might be given glimpses of true blessings in their lives amidst the troubles. It is those moments when I realize all that I have to be thankful for despite any negativity in my life that my faith and positive outlook become even stronger.

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