Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Keek - Keek"

James and I have this clicking sound we make with the backs of our tongues when we want to call our cat Solomon to come inside, or just to come in our direction. Since it is a cat we're trying to call, our success rate is less than 100%. J has been able to produce this sound to a certain degree when trying to entice Solomon to come inside as well. MC's version of this sound is "keek - keek." She says it in a sing-song way, whenever she is looking for anything. For example, she was once looking for some of her Little People and was looking under furniture, calling out "Keek - Keek, People!! Keek-Keek!"

This morning J had let Solomon in and MC asked him if he said "keek keek". It's very cute. I hope I can remember more of her sayings and record them before they disappear in never-to-recall-again-land.

One of my favorite J-isms was calling our Harris Teeter grocery store "Heeter-Heeter". He also referred to ketchup as "kepich" which sounded like "cabbage" at times. Both of them (not J now) call napkins "nakums". This was one of, if not the last J-ism before he started saying most everything correctly. It is refreshing when he reads aloud or uses a word he's obviously read before but not heard pronounced and it comes out not quite right. I need reminders like this that he's still just a kid every now and then.


sarah said...

This is so cute! E doesn't have a word like "keek keek" but she uses a special tone of voice when she's looking for things -loud and questioning. She just started adding "eh-ah-oo" (where are you)at the beginning, like "eh-AH-oo, gobbidge duck?" (garbage truck)

sarah said...

And E says ketchup, "keppitch" - very similar. Your daughter's name was "Capitch" for a while, but it's clearer now.