Friday, December 7, 2007

Breakfast Smiles

I've got to say, that I didn't realize what a huge impact my preparing breakfast for my family each morning would have. It has helped us find peace on school and church mornings through establishing a new routine that everyone looks forward to. It has created a time for family communion in the morning. We don't usually have deep conversations at this time, but lately we have been sitting at the table smiling at each other while we eat. This is simply fun! J by far eats the most, and I am happy to send him off to school with a good energy start. James reports he has noticed feeling better on a daily basis since we started this at the beginning of the school year. Having a responsibility like this in the morning helps me get started on my day more easily. And the warm feelings at the table make it all worthwhile.

I don't cook much, really. Just some low-fat link sausage (the kids like the apple and blueberry flavored chicken sausage) and fruit. MC adds a cereal bar to her breakfast (J sometimes too) and J gets an additional bowl of oatmeal.

I had read in a book about getting enough sleep by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka that this routine could help people fall asleep better at night as well. She had witnessed the power of a family breakfast at a friend's house and recommended it in her book. I very much admire and respect her child-raising advice, so I decided to give it a try. It is, afterall, something within my power to do. As you know, so many things about raising a family are not within my control - especially temperaments of children and spouses which differ from my own.

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James said...

"[b] spouses [/b] which differ from my own."


I'm going to have to check this blog out on a regular basis. The things you can learn...