Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today is Epiphany, and I am happy to report a had one of my own today. I guess I've had this one before in various versions, but apparently I needed to see it again. I get so easily excited about trying something new. I live in the future so much. I am a planner, and a contingency planner, a list-maker, a procrastinator, and as I've said before, a perfectionist.

I was offered a fill-in position on a very part-time basis at the gym where I work out. I was so flattered and so excited about the possibility of earning some of "my own" money I could hardly contain myself. I was asked to let them know by tomorrow if possible. Thanks be to God I figured this out so quickly.

The answer is no. While I do want to go back to work in the relatively near future, I don't need to right now. I have two kids that need me and that I so easily take for granted. They are growing so fast. MC will be three in a matter of days. J is seven. If I don't take this sacred opportunity to savor being with them now, I will no doubt regret it later. I am young and I need to be patient. My time will come and I will know when it is right. If I take this or any other job merely to satisfy my desire to have more money it will take my focus in the wrong direction.

I am blessed, and lucky, to be in this position. I was offered a job. I can choose to say no. I have my health. I have two beautiful, healthy children and a loving husband. I will do everything I can to not take any of this for granted.

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sarah said...

Lucky to have such self-awareness too!