Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I emptied 5 boxes and went through their contents. I have 4 empty boxes for recycling, and one that contains everything I wanted to save. These things now need to be put in their homes, or I need to make a home for them. I also found 2 boxes of old speech-language pathology notebooks, textbooks, and professional papers. I will seal and label these 2 boxes and get them out of our guest room and into an appropriate spot in the basement. My other great accomplishment in the guest room today (4 of the 5 boxes I cleaned out were in the guest room; the other from my bedroom) is taking a plastic milk crate full of papers to be recycled to the curb and watching the recycling truck come and take them all away. I now have a crate I can use as a sorting bin! You need to know how great an accomplishment this is - I think that crate full of recyclable papers had been sitting idle for over a year.

I feel good about what I've done today. I think James might even notice some of the results. Even if he doesn't, it still feels good. I did this!

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Lynn said...

Congratulations! Now you deserve to reward yourself!