Thursday, January 10, 2008

Clean House

As I start my day this morning, I look around and have one of my two usual reactions to the clutter in my house: feeling inspired to change, or feeling too overwhelmed to act. When I have the latter reaction, I want to crawl into a ball and hide from it. I feel ashamed. It is no fun.
Today, however, I guess I slept fairly well, because I am inspired to have a clean house, just like it looks when they finish cleaning and organizing a house on the Style network show, "Clean House". (For those of you familiar with that show, I do need to clarify that my house is NOT in need of the Clean House crew at this time. But, that being said, it is calling for some attention.)

Now as you all know by now, I am a perfectionist. This is why I am a procrastinator too. That combination leads to a cluttered house. See, when I feel inspired like today, I am imagining my entire house looking great and never getting cluttered again. But I am not capable of cleaning my whole house today. So I will have to pick one area to work on. I told James to look for the area I clean up today when he gets home. The possibilities are endless!

I am finding myself getting caught up in the "best way" to declutter. I imagine the perfect sorting bins, complete with labels for give away, trash, recycle, put away, ask James, ask the kids. Then I start to get overwhelmed with where I will get such bins, and where I will store the stuff I choose to keep. Being a perfectionist can come in handy in a few situations, but it can really get in the way too.

Lest I lose all traces of inspiration by procrastinating via this blog, I am going to sign off and pick somewhere to make a difference today. I'll keep you posted.

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Lynn said...

I can certainly relate. Sounds all too familiar..not only in my personal life, but work as well.