Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, MC!

Today is MC's 3rd birthday. This photo was taken before Christmas - you can see the tree in the background. She was very proud of this outfit she had picked out. I was especially fond of the tights-over-pants look, not to mention the way her stripes are so brightly coordinated.
I told her today was her birthday when I went into her room this morning. She gave me her biggest smile and did a little excited-dance. After about 2 bites of breakfast, she declared, "I need to get dressed now because I want to be all ready when the people get here." She was referring to the people invited to her Pink Party. This event is scheduled for Saturday morning, however - 2 days away. So I tried to explain it to her, but her concept of time is so not there. (Ironically this is similar to how my grandmother with Alzheimer's Disease reacts to events.)
I just hope this doesn't turn out like J's 4th birthday, when after all the celebrations were said and done, he claimed he was 7 (turning a year older at each event)! Now that he's really 7, he laughs when we tell him this story.
I suppose I should have learned my lesson from that experience, but no. I want to include special people in MC's life, and not all of them can come at the same time, so we have several birthday celebrations lined up. I am torn about having so many different celebrations spread out over several days, and beyond, because having numerous celebrations gets to be very confusing for a young child. What's a mom who loves birthdays to do?
Next year her birthday will be on a Saturday, I think, which should simplify things greatly.

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