Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay - Here's Something Funny to Post

Last night I woke up to the bathroom light being turned on by J and typical moving-around-in-the-bathroom sounds. I waited in my bed to see if he would require me to tuck him back in or turn out the light for him, which is often the case when he gets up in the night. As I lay there, however, I started hearing him make some whimpering-like sounds. These are typical sounds he makes when he is sleep-walking, which occurs once every 2 months, maybe? So I got up to investigate and found him brushing his teeth. I asked him why he was brushing his teeth, but he only whimpered a little more. He spit out the toothpaste - fortunately his actual toothpaste and not his dad's shaving cream or my facial soap - and left the toothbrush on the counter, then went back to bed. I pulled the covers over him and turned out the bathroom light. This morning when I first went into the bathroom I realized the toothbrush he was using was in fact mine! I laughed out loud and went to ask J about it. He emphatically denied that he brushed his teeth in his sleep - had no recollection of it whatsoever! But he definitely did do some sleep-brushing last night! Pretty funny, I think.

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