Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Full Day

Here is some of what I've done today:
  1. woke up around 7:15 and helped get kids ready for school
  2. took MC to school at 9:15
  3. worked out at Curves
  4. visited a friend at her new office for 15 minutes
  5. picked up MC from school with my mom and went to Costco
  6. divided up the Costco goods with my mom - this is becoming a regular thing that we do
  7. sent an email regarding ECW work from yesterday and also left a voicemail about this
  8. prepared the lesson plan and made up trivia questions for the children's choir rehearsal I directed this evening
  9. talked with my choir director about my decision to not sing with them at rehearsal tonight and on Good Friday
  10. called James for help with kids tonight (usually he is on his own on Wed. nights and picks up the kids from church at 7:00 and then I go to adult choir rehearsal) - I figured MC was way too grumpy to cooperate with me (she fell into a deep sleep and had a very hard time waking up) and J should probably stay home tonight since he's behind on his sleep, has had some breathing trouble, and has been generally uncooperative recently. Especially last night after I finished this blog. he had a meltdown over some homework that was challenging. He asked for help but would not accept it as given (sorry, Momme, I remember treating you the same way over math homework). Yelling and screaming pursued - mostly his this time. Ultimately he finished his homework and went to sleep at around 9:45 pm.
  11. went to children's choir rehearsal (again planning not to take J, but he followed me to the car and it would have taken James and me both to physically restrain him in order for him not to go, so he came along)
  12. J and I "discussed" his behavior and my expectations of him during and after rehearsal while we were sitting in the parking lot before we went into church. Thank God for child safety locks!
  13. Completed rehearsal, and brought J home
  14. started this blog entry
  15. I'm sure there are more things that would be worth mentioning, but they're not coming to mind right now. So I'll sign off. I've got to go to my job tomorrow, and I have a lot of preparing to do for our church retreat this weekend.
  16. For the record, all is going well at this very moment. J is finishing his homework and MC just came out of the bathroom clean and dressed in pajamas after her shower - yes shower. She's really a big girl now, you know.
  17. Oops! MC just brought her wet doll into the living room and it dripped on J's homework which was left on the floor. Let's hope it all works out alright.

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