Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lots to Do

This chapter of my life is full of things to get done. I have started a new part-time job as a rater for a clinical trial for a potential treatment of stuttering in adults. This will be about 4 hours per week to start. The number of hours will ebb and flow as the data for the study comes in, but I will be on the job for the duration of the study - probably around a year. I still have the children's choir to direct, the vestry to organize, the meals to prepare, the laundry to complete, the child-raising to do, the husband-supporting to do, and the juggling of priorities every day.

Doors are opening up in a variety of ways - work, childcare, discernment of my callings, opportunities for exercise. It's exciting but seems to be moving so fast. James still has his job as of today. That's what we say to ourselves each day. His company is still under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which means a layoff would yield zero severance pay. We are handling things fairly well, I think. We're both very tired, though, these days. I know this uncertainty is hard on him. What I am convinced of, however, is that no matter what happens with his job, we will be okay. We will not lack for what we need. We may discover, however, things that we really don't need in the process. And I think that would be a fine thing to discover.

I don't know how this life chapter will affect my blogging. I will make myself sit down to post entries when it's been too long. Or you may start seeing posts more than once a day! I'll just see how it all flows.

On to the shower. I haven't had a chance to do that yet today, and I think it is now at the top of my priority list.


Lynn said...

I always admire your energy, drive and most of all, positive outlook. You are quite an inspiration.

Helen said...

thanks, Lynn.