Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Is Not Fair

A good friend of mine called today to say a job she was really hoping was going to work out for her did not. They had hired someone else. What a disappointment. She's been looking for a new job since she was "downsized" last year. She is smart, capable, funny, responsible. It's just not fair that she's having such a hard time finding a new job. She doesn't deserve this. At the same time, however, I must say I am amazed at how she has handled this situation for these past months. In her I see that God has been right there in the midst of her life all this time. She has persevered where others might have given up. She has a strong faith and a good support system that will pull her through, even though she sometimes might be in doubt about them - especially her faith.

There is a lot of this kind of stuff going around. I hope all who are experiencing such tough times are able to see God at work despite the negatives. And to my friend, who reads this blog from time to time, I'm cheering for you and I'm here for you and I love you very much!

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Danielle said...

wow, Helen. i just happened on to your blog today and read your last few entries. i almost missed this one because i hadn't been on the internet very much. thank you...thank you for what you see and what you believe. i love you, too.