Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Accomplished Today

Here are some of the things I've accomplished today:
  1. Got out of bed at 7:15 and cooked sausage for the family
  2. Helped J stay focused so he could be on time for school
  3. Took J to school at 8:00 for chorus rehearsal before the bell at 8:30
  4. Got a shower before taking MC school at 9:15
  5. Read "Pinkalicious" to MC's class at 9:30
  6. Met with my co-chair of the Diocesan ECW Raleigh Convocation to discuss business for 45 minutes
  7. Worked with my friend Danielle - walked through the house to determine patterns of my clutter, took some notes, decided where to start decluttering and organizing (my desk), and got homework assigned from her to complete before next Tuesday's meeting
  8. Picked up MC from school on time
  9. Provided lunch for MC, Danielle and myself
  10. Folded the white load of laundry that had been sitting in the dryer
  11. Washed and dried a load of dark laundry (still sitting in the dryer at the moment)
  12. Mailed 7 sympathy cards to church members who recently had family members who died (part of my job as vestry clerk)
  13. Left a voicemail and sent an email related to ECW business discussed with co-chair this am
  14. Decided what to cook for supper
  15. Posted two entries on my blog (including this one)
  16. Read some other people's blogs
  17. Spent a little time on Facebook
  18. Picked up J after Science Olympiad meeting today (like a quiz bowl competition to be held on 4/18) at 4:00
  19. Talked with J about his day and what homework he has to do before tomorrow
  20. Cooked supper (frozen pizza, sweet potatoes, and salad) and set the table - the whole family ate together at 5:20
  21. Encouraged J to get ready for Taekwando (he really needs help at times to stay focused and remember that the clock keeps ticking in the real world - it seems to come to a standstill in his world) and gently escorted him to the van so James could take him to his lesson
  22. Cleaned up after supper
  23. Helped with a bath for MC
  24. Dealt with MC's freaking out about her bandaids that were practically falling off - she ended up taking them off by herself and was very proud. I was very grateful!
  25. Gave J his inhaler to use after he was having trouble breathing when he returned from Taekwando
  26. Starting to get a little concerned about his breathing - he hasn't needed the inhaler in several months, and it had been several years prior to that. He's sitting in his chair reading but his breathing seems labored. He assured me he felt better after the inhaler. Now he's talking to his dad and his breathing seems more natural while he's talking so hopefully that's a good sign
  27. That pretty much takes me up to the hour. It's my turn to read to MC tonight, and her bedtime is right about now. I plan to relax some more tonight, start the dishwasher which is full of dirty dishes, and try to go to bed earlier than usual.

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kimgwest said...

Wa-hoo! That's a great list Helen. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. Really "good stuff" going on!