Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am not sure why, but this year, I am simply not excited about the upcoming election. It really has less to do with who the candidates are and more to do with me just not being interested in keeping up with it all. I am usually a faithful watcher of the democratic convention, and even tune in to parts of the republican convention so I can see what they're up to. But I have yet to watch any convention coverage this week. In my over-analysis, I think it's due at least in part to a combination of things. First, I just spent a great deal of time watching the Olympics and losing sleep as a result. I feel too tired to stay up and watch the convention at night. School started this week, so I can't sleep in anymore and I have to get to bed earlier than my summer schedule allowed me. The second thing is that I have lost my excitement about politics since my choice for NC Governor, Bob Orr, came in last in the republican primaries. He is a member of my church and a good man. I even changed my registration to independent so I could vote for him in the primary election. Lastly, I am really coming to like my new Independent/Unaffiliated political status. It reminds me of when I was in college. I rushed to be in a sorority my freshman year and fell through, as they say. It was devastating to me, but I soon realized that being an "Independent" suited my personality much more than being associated with a particular sorority. So much so, that when one sorority actively recruited me my sophomore year, I felt strong and independent and confident that I didn't need nor want to be involved in "Greek" life. So I turned them down. I guess I'm sort of going through a rebellious period with politics. It's like I'm in the stage right after falling through Rush and just discovering that being independent is a true blessing.

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sarah said...

Helen, take a break if you need one, but please don't let voter apathy claim another good independent mind!!