Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for both of my kids. Here are some photos from MC's first day of dance class. Her teacher said her class was very bright and she will be "upgrading" the class from Creative Movement, which it is called now, to Creative Pre-Ballet sometime this fall. That just means she'll actually start using some ballet terms with the movements as they learn them.
Jay started third grade. This picture was taken when he got home. He's wearing his new backpack to replace the one he had the last 3 years. So far he reports that 3rd grade is better than 2nd. One big plus is that his 4 closest friends at school are all in his class. We're all looking forward to a good year.
As for me, I am happy to be returning to a more structured and routine-filled home life. MC is home this week, but starts preschool next Wednesday. Then I'll have 5 mornings a week without the kids to do Helen-directed activities.

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