Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, just haven't blogged in a while. The family went to Hilton Head for a week with James' parents, which was fun. We've also been taking family tae kwan do lessons this summer; and that has been at times interesting, challenging and fun. It's consistently been exhausting both physically and mentally (especially for James and me when it comes to motivating certain family members to participate). Swimming lessons have gone well. Both kids are making good strides. J has one more week of camp starting tomorrow, and he will have lessons this week as part of that. MC finishes up her lessons this week too. I swam some laps of sorts during one of her lessons last week instead of sitting in a chair watching her. I'll do some more of that this week too, I think.

We're going to the mountains with my folks for a few days next week too. I'll enjoy the cooler weather there (hopefully it will continue to be cooler there than here when we go).

I'm drawing a blank about what to write now, but I'll try to come back again soon.

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