Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama Bird

I have been watching this mama bird (maybe a wren - she's very small) build and rebuild a nest several times at the top of one of our front porch columns. It's a popular spot for nests each spring. We've seen baby birds over the last few years. This year has been especially stressful for the parents. Probably 3 nests have been blown down or otherwise destroyed so far this year. But now the nest is complete, and Mama sits dutifully on her eggs (can't see how many). She is committed to her task of keeping her babies safe. I can relate to that. Watching her sacrifice so much for her offspring is inspiring. And only too soon will her babies be able to fly on their own and take care of themselves. It's a big sacrifice, but I'm so glad my mother and all the other mothers in my family tree made it. And I feel blessed and privileged to be able to "sit on my eggs" and tend to my nest. I only have to think of this Mama Bird when I get tired and frustrated with my mother role. When I do, my resolve and willingness to do whatever it takes to teach my children how to fly on their own returns.
And Happy Birthday to my own Mama Bird! I love you!

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