Friday, July 11, 2008


Turns out my tooth with its new filling is fine. Apparently what I was experiencing was just "all in my head"! (You've got to laugh at that one!) I'm back to eating crunchy and chewy foods.

As for the washer/dryer, I've decided to purchase the set. My plan is to do it tomorrow online, so that delivery will be pushed back to after our vacation. I'm looking forward to my new machines.

I just checked out two more books, The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options and Redux: Designs That Reuse, Recycle, and Reveal. I am enjoying thinking about the remodeling of our house in a new way - to make it functional, comfortable, healthy, and green, while trying to stay within our current walls (the outside ones, at least).

I'm still reading Do It Herself: Everything You Need to Know to Fix, Maintain, and Improve Your Home by Joanne Liebeler. Lynn, I would highly recommend it for you. It's written by women for women and has humor throughout. J has even read some of it and said he finds it "interesting". I recently said to James that I think J would make a great architect someday, and J thought of that himself and announced it to me the other day! He now wants to be an astronaut/scientist/inventor/architect. I think I remembered all the titles-between-the-slashes.


Lynn said...

I think I will definitely have to check that book out. I need all the help I can get (being a female and the "man of the house" Ha. Gotta love it!
Sounds like Jay may be in college for a long time.
Send me the web page of your new washer/dryer. I have this crazy thing about appliances. I am fascinated with all the different models these days and all the colors you can get them in. So cool!

sarah said...

Glad you didn't have to have a root canal! "All in your head" - ha ha.