Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swimming, Dentist, and Washer/Dryer

Swimming lessons are going great for both kids. MC has learned how to blow bubbles in the water, which is the first step. Now to get her to put her whole face in the water... J is advancing quickly. His teacher yesterday almost recommended for him to move up to level 3, but decided he is probably good where he is and can use this time to refine what he's learned so far. He is trying everything asked of him and building on his confidence as a swimmer more and more. Both kids seem proud of their accomplishments so far and James and I are certainly proud of them too.

Yesterday I went to the dentist to have a filling replaced. Afterwards it was extremely sore and sharp pains came when I bit down or even accidentally closed my teeth together. The dentist actually called me at home last night to see how I was doing and when I described what was going on he said I should come back today to get it fixed. He mentioned something about preventing a root canal! My imagination is making this thing turn into major oral surgery. If I do have to have a root canal, they had better sedate me.

I am trying to decide whether to purchase a new washer/dryer set. Our dryer is 15-20 years old and not working as efficiently as I would like. Our washer was purchased and installed the weekend before J was born. It still works fine, but the new front-loading washers are so much more water and energy-efficient that it might be worthwhile getting a new washer too. I just joined Costco, and they are offering a good special on a Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer pair. I have to purchase them online before this Sunday to take advantage of this offer. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

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