Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Approaching 40

I've been thinking a lot lately about my upcoming birthday - the big 4-0. I have several friends who have passed this milestone recently and they appear to be thriving. I guess I am thriving too, but I certainly have a good deal of analyzing and reflecting and wondering going on. At times it feels like what they call a mid-life crisis, but when I take a closer look, there really is no crisis, which makes it feel more like a crisis. Where's the crisis that I'm supposed to be having?! Of course I really don't want a crisis. I just feel like I need to be prepared for one. So I'm working out all of my latest contingency plans for anything that could possibly go wrong. The way I work, I am ready and willing to edit my plans as/if needed. I just conjur them up so I can feel like I at least have a starting point should such crisis arrive at my door. I allow that I really can't anticipate how I will react in the moment, so I am okay if I need to revise my plan. In the midst of all this crisis thinking, I am also looking back at what I've accomplished (with God's help) in my 39 years, and it's not bad. Here are some of the highlights (in random order):
  • ran a 5K
  • started taking Taekwando lessons
  • married 11 years
  • two wonderful children
  • earned master's degree
  • travelled to Europe several times
  • own a home
  • have many good friendships that have lasted over the years
  • maintain a good relationship with my parents and family
  • started a blog and write in it occasionally

Of course there are more, but these feel good to me right now. I'll work on setting some goals for my 40's.

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Lynn said...

Well, I'm not sure how others felt but I loved 40. No crisis for me and probably won't be for you!

Love ya!