Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It feels good to exercise. That is a statement I wouldn't have made in my earlier life. But now it really does feel good. This summer my exercise has been irregular and I'm looking forward to making it more regular. With both kids in school 5 days a week coming up, I hope to be at Curves 3 times a week and run 2-3 times a week. I'll also have taekwando twice a week. Today I was able to complete 3 full push-ups for the first time ever. A newspaper article that's posted in Curves says an adult female should be able to do 17 of them. I don't remember who made that determination or how it came about, but it's a worthy goal. If I'm on my knees, I can do more like 10 or 12 push-ups. This has all come about through taekwando.
By the way, J has added Taekwando Instructor to his list of things he wants to be when he grows up. James suggested that he could be the first zero-gravity taekwando instructor and J thought that was a great idea.

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