Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Kids in School

I am happy to report that both of my kids have now started school. MC began preschool yesterday. J is in his second week of third grade. Since tomorrow is J's birthday, I have been very busy in my alone time so far. Tomorrow looks to be another busy day to prepare the house for his magic party that begins at 4:30. After my errands today, I think I'll have everything I need for the party here. I do have to get a mylar balloon filled and pick up a cake tomorrow. I now have to concentrate on straightening the house for five 8-year-olds to play games and have a magic show. The last time I checked the weather, tropical storm Hannah was predicted to bring rain on the party. That means that all activities have to be inside. We do have a great back yard for parties, but it will have to serve that purpose another year. If Hannah changes her path, we can always take some of the games outside.

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