Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pretend Play Can Be Very Real

Just now MC came up the stairs in tears. She had been crying quietly downstairs while she was playing with her stuffed animals and dolls. I didn't hear her, but I know this because she was in that post-crying stage when a person sniffs a lot and tries to catch her breath. She went in her room and closed her door. I went in after her and asked if she was okay because she seemed so sad. She sat on her bed and said something like this: "It's just that Lucy and Sally want me to live with them but Thumper wanted me to live at his house." I guess she really felt torn about whom she would choose because they all wanted to be with her and she wanted to be with all of them. I told her she could tell them they could all live with her instead, and that seemed to help. Then I held her in my lap and read her a couple of books. So precious.


Lynn said...

ok. now i'm sniffling.

sarah said...

Oh my, what a sweet story. Brought tears to my eyes too.