Monday, September 15, 2008

Going Cold Turkey on Clean House

Today I decided I need to take the tv show "Clean House" out of my DVR to-do list and delete all the previously recorded episodes. It isn't helping anymore. It's making me feel bad about the clutter in my house and the dust bunnies and dirt. It used to inspire me to get up and do something about it. But now I think it is contributing to the problem. If nothing else, I could be doing so many more things with my time than watching this show on tv. Even without watching the commercials I often spend an hour or more of each day watching the Clean House crew clean up other people's clutter and analyze why it got out of hand to begin with. To top it off, there is a new spin-off show called "Clean House Comes Clean." In this show the crew talk about things that happened during filming that they didn't show on the original episodes. Now I really don't need to be watching this too. Plus, when I'm watching these shows, I want to eat a snack (and often do). I sit there and think about how I have rooms in my house that look like what I'm seeing on TV. All bad stuff for my body and soul. So I'm stopping that old habit. Don't know what I'll replace it with, but sleep might be one good idea. Anyway, I'm looking for a new inspiration to mop the floors and clean the toilets, and mostly to stop the negative self-talk that's creeping in and keeping me from doing anything about the clutter. So wish me luck.


Lynn said...

I can certainly understand your feelings. I get the same way over all the "projects" at home that seem to be piling up on my list. When and I say when, I find time to watch a DIY show, etc. it motivates me initially but then later it has the reverse effect. I realize how many things there are to be done and WHEN DO I GET THEM DONE? I have to remind myself that "those people" on TV do those things for a living. Hey...their houses probaby have a few dust bunnies and household projects needing to be done. Ya think? Besides, when I die I hope no one sits around and remembers only the projects I never started.
Love ya!

sarah said...

How's it going? I'm just getting around to reading and blogging after a busy week where it felt like NOTHING got done. If I manage to wipe off the high chair tray after dinner instead of leaving it til morning, I give myself a pat on the back. Good for you - this sounds like a healthy decision from what you've described.