Friday, June 6, 2008

What I Did

After dropping off MC at camp, I went to the bank to deposit a check for J's savings account and to cash some checks that I had collected for a friend whose mother just died last week. She has 4 boys ages 3 to 8, so a group of us thought a babysitting fund would be helpful for her. Then I stopped by her house and delivered the cash. I was able to stay and talk with her for a few minutes and learn a little more about her mother. I enjoyed my time with her.

Then I drove to the mall, sale coupons in hand, to buy myself something. First I stopped at Panera Bread for my breakfast/lunch and took the time to sit down and eat it. Then I went to Eddie Bauer, my favorite clothing store, and looked, picked up several things for me and for Father's Day presents, then put them all back, feeling that nothing was "calling" to me, whatever that means.

So I stopped at Sharper Image, which is going out of business and where everything is on sale, but still rather pricy, where I shopped for Father's Day stuff, but left with nothing. I did run into the mother of one of J's best friends, and we talked about planning some time for the two kids to spend together this summer. I hope we don't fall through on that. I'll do my best.

Lastly I went to Belk, looking for dresses. I found lots of dresses marked 50% off, and even tried on two of them. Again, they were close, but not "calling" to me to spend the money on them. I did get a cell phone call from a friend while I was shopping, which was good. It's always good to talk with her. So I left the mall empty-handed, but my purse still contains the unopened bag of chips that came with my sandwich. Yes, I said unopened!

So I picked up MC from camp, which she said she "hated" and I remarked that that was a strong word for such a little person. This remark didn't phase her. She's ready for our beach trip, which won't be until mid-July.

And now I'm here writing this down on my blog.

I think I enjoyed most of my morning. I certainly enjoyed the air conditioning at the mall in this 99-degree humid heat! And I enjoyed moving at my own pace and connecting with some nice people at various points in my morning. And my sandwich was very good too.

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Lynn said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me.