Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I did it - I finished the race and ran all the way. My friend Amanda ran with me and talked to me when we were going up the hills and I couldn't talk. Sarah was at the finish line to see me complete my first 5K. It was a thrilling and awesome and amazing experience. This video was taken by my father before Sarah and I began the 5K route again during the coed recreational walk/run. (We didn't realize he was in video mode on his camera so we were just standing there waiting for him to take our picture.) We pushed my niece E in the stroller as we walked. The temperature rose significantly and a lot of the shade disappeared in the 2 hours since my 7:00 am race - this one was hot. I appreciated my hat and sunglasses very much. It was a great day. But I had little energy left the rest of the day!


sarah said...

It was a fun day! I was so proud of you, Helen. And the hugeness of the event and the well-behaved, inspired crowd all impressed me. I will send you the photos of you, sorry I've been slow.

Lynn said...

Way to go Helen! I am so proud!