Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day!

Tomorrow is racing day. Thanks be to God, I am ready. The smoke from the eastern NC wildfire was very thick yesterday, but better today. I'm praying that it will remain clear for the race tomorrow. I'm not sure I could run in the air conditions present yesterday.

It's hard to believe the time is here, and that five months ago I couldn't run a mile and in fact had never tried to run before. Many thanks to Sarah for the inspiration and to Bernadette and my family and friends for all of your encouragement. Thank you James for your support and childcare during my training. Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially. Together we have raised $1300 to date, exceeding my $1000 goal!

Let's go find that Cure!

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Anonymous said...

You did it!!! You set a high goal, steadily worked hard towards it, and succeeded!! And it comes as an even sweeter accomplishment that your sister has whipped her cancer at the same time. What a joyful moment for our family & friends!!!