Monday, January 26, 2009

Spelling Assignment

Here is a paragraph that J wrote as a spelling assignment this month. I'm not sure which of the words were actual spelling words, but he apparently came up with this to say from the words on his spelling list.

"I think my mom is a very kind person. She cooks meals for all of us every day. She always has a warm face and gives me warm kisses. She never frowns, not even when she's mad. Then, she only has a stern look. Best of all, I love it when she helps me go to sleep. My mom is the best ever!"

His teacher gave him a check-plus, and added "Sounds like it!!"

As I write this my son is having one of his difficult moments. I wanted to record this on my blog just in case I ever lose the piece of paper. It will be very helpful for me to re-read in times like this.


sarah said...

I think you are a very kind person too!

Lynn said...

I would also agree with that. I think you are a wonderful person, as well!