Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm still here

I just haven't blogged lately. It seems I can't come up with a topic about which to write whenever I think about blogging. So I don't do it. Today's entry isn't about anything in particular. It's a cold and wet day - very conducive for a nap. So far I'm not giving in to that temptation, however. I will go and do some laundry in a bit. I will make a meatloaf this afternoon for supper. I will get my things together to direct the children's choir tonight.

See - now I don't know what else to say.

Perhaps a nice cup of coffee would help.

The kids are doing well. It's never boring around here at all. It just gets really annoying sometimes with all the high-pitched squeals and increased volume in the house. I sure do love them, though. And overall they get along very well. That pleases me so much.

As always, I am grateful for everything that has gone right in my life. And for what hasn't, as I'd like to believe I am stronger for those not-right things. Guilt comes easily to me, and I don't think it is a healthy or helpful emotion. So I try to think through why I don't need to feel guilty. If I do need to feel guilty, I try to remedy what I've done wrong so I don't have to experience guilt about that anymore.

I'm quiet today. Not my typical M.O. Reflecting, pausing, accepting, just being.

But the pile of dirty laundry in my bedroom is about as tall as the bed. So it's time to take it to the basement. Then maybe I'll reward myself with a little snack. I'll consider eating something fairly healthy, too. I am actually hungry right now - my stomach is even growling. So I won't be eating simply as a reward. I'm just going to get some work done before I satisfy my hunger. And aren't I so lucky to have access to healthy food here in my house that I can eat when I'm hungry. God bless those who aren't so lucky.

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