Monday, January 5, 2009

Brainstorming New Year's Resolutions

First of all, I know myself well enough to say I will be making new month's resolutions and even that will be a stretch. But at least I get to start over again on a fairly regular basis. I thought I'd just brainstorm here about some potential goals/resolutions. Here goes:

  • do my push-ups every day
  • stop eating in front of the tv
  • stop eating snacks after 9:30 pm
  • stretch for approximately 5 minutes every day
  • go to bed earlier/get up earlier while getting enough sleep
  • earn CEU's on a regular basis (~1 per month/10 hours per month)
  • write thank you notes in a timely manner
  • actually hand-write thank you notes
  • spend more time really listening to my children
  • stop crossing my legs when I sit (I understand it contributes to varicose veins)
  • have a regular devotion time each day
That's enough for now. Actually that's enough - period!

1 comment:

sarah said...

Yes, with this kind of thing one must limit the brainstorming! Good ideas. You and my mother-in-law are my role models for thank you notes. One day maybe I'll get there. It's nice to have some kind of old-fashioned thoughtfulness in our worlds.