Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Do I Have Such a Hard Time With This?

So many times I want to sit down and post something on my blog. Then I get here and stop and think, "what's on my mind?" I wonder what in the world I can write about this time. I think through what's been happening lately. Even that is hard to remember. I guess things must be pretty good for me overall, if I have such trouble thinking about what to write. I am so grateful for my health and my family's health; for the special people in my life; for my faith in God. There are a lot of folks out there right now going through hard times. Health issues, deaths, poverty, job loss, crises of faith, depression, house break-ins, the works. I pray that not only will I be aware of others going through tough times, but that I will always be aware of my fortune and not take anything for granted. Further, I pray that I will as much as possible go beyond awareness and take action to share my blessings or listen to another's misfortune; simply to do something to make others' lives better. I know I already do some of this. I do not do nearly enough, however. Always good intentions, but such poor follow-through. Just like so many aspects of my life, I guess this is another work in progress.

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