Friday, December 5, 2008

CEU relief

I found out yesterday that I can go ahead and apply for inactive status as a speech pathologist. Once I get a job, I will have to reactivate and will be required to obtain only 10 CEU's (about 100 hours) during the first year of work. Then I'll be assigned a new three-year period in which to earn my next 30 CEU's. This takes a lot of pressure off for now. I will work toward getting CEU's in the meantime, however, since I think potential employers would like to see that I have made the effort to keep current. It's also good for my brain to learn new information. Since I last wrote about this topic, I earned my first .6 CEU's, and it only took me around 4.5 hours. That's not bad. The best part is they were free.

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lhglover said...

Making a decision is the biggest step (and sometimes the hardest) one takes when heading into a new direction. Congrats for taking the 1st one!