Monday, October 13, 2008

A Sense of Calm

Today I am calmer than I have been over the past week. Between worries about the economy and how it may impact my family, my grandmother's new living situation, getting ready for my parents-in-law's visit this past weekend and chairing the nominating committee for the women's group at church, I have barely had a moment to think for myself. Much less a minute of feeling calm. (Oh and did I mention MC's urinary tract infection that led to a gazillion accidents, piles of laundry, and repeated battles to get medicine in her this weekend?) And James and I taught Sunday School yesterday too!

Anyway, MC's infection is under control with bribes of sugar, honey, and Oreos (so far) to get the medicine in her. And we had a very nice visit with James' parents. Plus, J figured out how to ride his new bike without training wheels while they were here. It was one of my favorite parenting moments ever. James would give him a push to start him off on a flat, grassy trail near our house. Once James let go, he stayed put and J pedalled as far away as he could. When he stopped, he looked back at how far he'd gone, got off his bike and ran to us with a huge grin, giving us high fives and big hugs. It was just great.

Today I was able to go to Curves and get in a good workout while MC was at school. It has been one month since I started their new Curves-Smart program. While I am the same weight I was a month ago, I lost a total of 4 inches from various parts of my body in the past month! Finally getting back on track feels good. And for a progress report, I was able to complete 5 man-pushups after my workout today for the first time ever. My goal is to be able to do 8 by my birthday on November 8th.

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sarah said...

woo hoo!!! you are an inspiration