Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Unleashing My Soul

It's been a long time since I've sung like this. Maybe not even ever, really. I'm classically trained, and pretty conservative when I sing. But as I've been getting older, and getting more in shape, I'm discovering my voice has a wider range both in pitch and in character. On Saturday I sang two songs from Oklahoma! at a breakfast honoring a group of breast cancer survivors. Both songs were well-received, and I really loved doing it. It felt so good.

The other opportunity for this fun type of singing is the Millennium Follies we're putting on at church on April 19th. We're raising money in support of one of the UN's Millennium Development Goals - to promote gender equality and empower women. Our funds raised will go to women entering the Episcopal Church Seminary in the Sudan.

Anyway, we're putting on this show, and I am in several numbers. One of them includes some dancing. (I even bought myself some new dancing shoes!) I am loving doing it and singing in this fun style. Another number is called "Operator", which is being sung by a quartet and soloist (that's me, if I can pull it off). It's got a little gospel edge to it. The main words are "Operator, information. Please get me Jesus on the line." We're doing the version of the song as performed by Manhattan Transfer. The solo has lots of bluesy notes and some are very high! I'm working with a coach tonight to improve the solo. The kids have had a lot of fun hearing and watching me practice at home. They practically know the song themselves. It's pretty cute to hear MC singing it to herself when no one is looking. J has been doing some dancing with me too. Lots of fun.

It's a little scary, but sooo good for me to stretch myself this way. I feel free when I'm dancing and singing without holding back. It's like my soul is being unleashed for the first time. I gotta stay connected to that Jesus!

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sarah said...

You go, grrrl! I think I've heard that song on our local college station. I like it. The line I remember is, "Operator, get me heaven on the line". I love the sound of music that's less about control and precision, more about raw power, yearning, and intense emotion. Exciting to hear you're finding a new kind of voice -- not that there was anything wrong with the old one that sang at my wedding!