Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here are some of the things I am managing in my life right now:
  • Being a wife - James and I invested in a babysitter for the past two nights and each night we went out together and had some dating time. We haven't done this for us in a while, and it is really important. Being a wife takes energy, and I find that I have more of it when I manage the other parts of my life better.
  • Being the caretaker of the home - This isn't going so well right now. The energy (and spare time) I do have right now is more focused toward being a loving wife and mother. I do think all the clutter and dust bunnies and pollen in the house is negatively affecting our attitudes a bit. However, I must put off most of this work for now for the sake of my family's sanity. I am doing a fairly good job at providing clean clothes for my family to wear, but not necessarily getting the clean clothes to the target drawers and closets.
  • Being a mother - I'm glad it's still the school year. J is in school during the day, which is good for everyone. MC has preschool Wed. and Fri. mornings. This week my time when she's in school is especially precious to me for managing all other aspects of my life. The energy it takes to be mom to my 2 kids is tremendous. Most of it is mental energy, trying to plan ahead and predict how the kids will react and hopefully prevent major tantrums.
  • Fitting in exercise - When I have childcare, I try to go to Curves for part of my exercise routine. There are machines there that help strengthen my muscles and increase my heart rate, but more importantly there is a support system of friends there that feed me mentally and spiritually when I go. I am also training for the 5K in June. I've been going to physical therapy to strengthen my quad muscles and help with my knee pain from running. Yesterday I ran 2.3 miles. I've got .8 miles to add to my routine to get to the 3.1 miles that equal 5K. When the weather turns hot and muggy, I may have to adjust the time of day when I run.
  • Directing the children's choir - We rehearse on Wednesday nights and sing in church again on 4/27. There are 25 kids on the roll, with average attendance of 21 each week. We also will sing on 5/18, and are working on both anthems currently.
  • Singing in the adult choir - Our church choir has been extremely busy lately. Last Sunday we sang for the confirmation service, in which the Bishop confirmed or received some 60 people into the Episcopal church. He said that was more than he had done in the past several years! We also sang during an Evensong service held this past Tuesday night. Peter Gomes, the well-known Harvard preacher and minister spoke at this service, which was attended by 465 people, many from other churches in the area. The choir is also singing at the Millennium Follies this Saturday.
  • Producing the Millennium Follies - I am involved in the production aspect of the Follies, finding volunteers, helping with wording of the programs, making decisions with the committee about the putting-on of this event.
  • Participating in the Millennium Follies - I am involved in three numbers in the Follies, trying to find time to practice on my own and attend required rehearsals with the groups. On Saturday I am having my hair put in an "up-do" by my hair dresser for the occasion. I am also going to wear the bridesmaid dress that my sister wore in my wedding!
  • Being a member of the Vestry - I was elected to the Vestry at church for a three-year term beginning this January. So far I really enjoy my work on the Vestry. We are kicking off a capital campaign this month to expand our church facility and replace our organ, in which the Vestry will be closely involved.
  • Serving as Immediate Past President for ECW - This role is wonderfully less demanding than my role as president last year. Much thanks goes to the current president Elizabeth for all of her hard work.
  • Teaching second grade Sunday School - James and I are teachers in J's SS class on a rotating basis. We taught last Sunday and again one more time in May before letting out for the summer.
  • Getting ready to help Sarah - My main function will be to coordinate all the folks who want to help out Sarah in the days surrounding her upcoming surgery on 4/30.
  • Posting on my blog - as you can see, with all my multi-tasking, this blog does not get expanded upon daily. However, I like having a place to put some of my thoughts. If you read all the way down here, thank you! You must be one of my favorite people to want to read all this!

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sarah said...

As Lynn would say, reading this makes me feel tired.

People have no idea how full the time of a "stay at home mom" can be! When you make a list like this for yourself it's quite instructive isn't it?