Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life After the Follies

Well, we did it, and it was a great night. We had over 200 people in the audience and put on a show that touched people's emotions from many angles. Before expenses we had raised close to $25,000. This will put 5 Sudanese women through one year of Seminary in the Anglican church there, as well as provide funds to build two bathrooms in a dormitory that is being built for them.

I had a fun night. I got to dress up in Sarah's bridesmaid dress. My mom hemmed it so that I wouldn't trip over it on stage. She also took a sequiny/shiny silver piece of fabric belonging to my niece and turned it into a cummerbund which I wore over the dress to complete my fancy look. It was kind of like being Cinderella, though, because the next day my mom took out the hem and I've taken it to the cleaner's where they will press the crease from the temporary hem and make it look like it was before. I'll return it to Sarah this weekend when MC and I go to Greensboro on Saturday. I hope to get copies of some pictures to share, but none are in my camera, so I have to wait.

I also had my hair put up by my hairdresser and my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter, so I was feeling especially Cinderella like in that way too. I removed 75 bobby pins and one rubber band from my hair when I took it down!

The audience was fantastic. They cheered and clapped and loved every minute of it. During Operator, I didn't hear the music that was to bring us into the last verse after an instrumental interlude. As a result, it took all of us a few measures to get back on track. We did it though, and had a strong finish. Aside from that glitch (the keyboardist later told me he had lost his place in the music during the interlude), I absolutely loved singing it and felt on fire with the Spirit. Before this experience, I had no idea I had that stuff in me. Now I am looking for more opportunities to sing like that again. It was a spiritually transforming experience that I will never forget.

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