Monday, March 10, 2008

waiting for my pants to dry

I plan to go work out this morning. However, both pairs of my workout pants are in the dryer right now. I really don't have anything else to wear that suits the type of exercise I plan to do. So, I figure I'll write something here in the meantime.

Here it is, Monday again, and I don't remember what I did this weekend. This happens to me all the time. Even activities from the day before are hard to conjure up for me sometimes. I live so much in the future or the planning and contemplating of the future, that the past becomes hazy. Some of it anyway.

What did I do this weekend? Let's see...

On Friday, the kids went to school. I didn't go to Curves, but spent some of my time by myself in my house. I picked up a few things that were laying on the floor and put them away. I believe I actually posted something on my blog. I felt kind of sad most of the day. We had leftover spaghetti sauce on actual spaghetti noodles for supper. (The first time I served it was over spiral pasta.) Despite this radical menu change, J refused to eat it because he wasn't about to eat the same thing twice in one week. To his credit, however, he simply announced this and went into another room while we ate. He never complained nor ate anything else the rest of the night. He was hungry at breakfast on Saturday, though.

On Saturday, I got to sleep in until just before 9:00. The kids watched tv and James did his own thing after he got up with MC. I cooked frozen biscuits at MC's request, as well as some dairy-free "cheese" blintzes. I got to eat one of those, because it technically didn't have any cheese in it, and I'm not eating cheese this Lent. The weather was reasonably warm, but quite windy. Before lunch, I ran around the neighborhood. My knees had been bothering me lately, so I took a flatter route, and perhaps shortened my distance just a tad. Pretty sure it was close to my current record of 2.4 miles. I also did a lot of stretching before and after the run, and again later in the day. This, coupled with 2 ibuprofen tablets taken at bedtime led to me waking up Sunday morning with no pain in my knees. I think the stretching may be the key. I hope so anyway. The family went to Moe's for supper, using a buy-one, get one free coupon that came in the mail. James and I changed the clocks in the house during the day, unannounced to the kids. This amazingly led to a smooth transition into Daylight Saving Time.

On Sunday, we went to church as usual. The time change really wasn't a factor. MC insisted on wearing a new dress I bought for her at a consignment shop in Greensboro when I visited Sarah last week. This beautiful dress, worn by a friend of the owner as a child in the '50's, is made of soft green velvet with a lace collar and trim. It is probably a size 6-7, maybe 8. MC wears 3-4 in dresses, so it was like a floor-length dress for her. She loved it. Thanks to my sis for spotting it in the store (and only for $5.00).

We went to Irregardless for lunch (AKA "Funny Arthur's Place") and had a nice time there, as well as good food. I ordered the grilled salmon, and MC announced when it arrived that she wasn't going to smell my food, because she didn't like the way it smelled. Oddly enough, it smelled like grilled fish! We had leftovers from James' birthday meal on Thursday night for supper. Jay didn't seem to mind leftovers this time. No leftovers tonight, though. I have to start over, just haven't figured out what yet.

So that was my weekend, basically. It was good. I got over my sadness for most of the weekend, but it is coming back again today. My pants should be dry in less than 20 minutes, so hopefully exercise will help my mood.

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