Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Day

I spent yesterday with Sarah. Despite getting caught walking in a drenching downpour, and Sarah finding more questions she needs to get answered before she makes her surgery plans, it was a good day. I love my sister. I also love my parents and my husband who took care of the kids while I was gone and allowed me to spend the day with Sarah. And I love my kids who were able to handle a different routine that did not include me yesterday.

It feels good to help. Sarah asked me to help coordinate all the offers of help that will no doubt be forthcoming when she has her next surgery. It will be fun for me to do. This week I plan to check into Zoomerang, an online survey tool that I will use to assign people to help her with needs that fit their gifts and schedules during her recovery.

Also this week I will look into officially setting up a team for Race for the Cure. Sarah and I talked about our financial goal for the team. We have a number in mind that we believe is attainable, so stay tuned for a link that you can follow to sign up on our team and/or to make a financial donation to our cause.

I ran 2.4 miles on Sunday afternoon. My knees have hurt some since, but I think I can do it again today. The only question is whether my running shoes have dried out from yesterday's experience in the rain (they were dripping wet). If not today, I'll find time tomorrow.

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sarah said...

And Helen organized my kitchen cabinets too! They had gotten so bad I couldn't put all my groceries away.