Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's Wednesday. Tonight is choir night. In my new position as senior warden of our church I have a finance committee meeting to attend as well tonight. I've arranged childcare for the time when the finance committee is meeting, but the it's not time for the kids to start their choir rehearsals. I've turned over leadership of tonight's Beckwith Choir rehearsal to my assistant directors. I plan to attend adult choir rehearsal long enough to rehearse the anthem for this Sunday and a little beyond that. I will leave early enough to get back home for the kids' bedtime routines.

Originally I was going to work today, but had to make arrangements not to do so when MC got sick. Now it looks like she's going to be fine to go to school today. Too late to rearrange and work again. Someone is already covering my shift who wants the hours. So that leaves me with 4 hours by myself this morning (assuming MC does in fact go to school - don't know for sure yet because she's still sleeping). Her birthday (and party) are Sunday and the house could use a lot of TLC to prepare for our princess guests.

My goals for today house-wise are going to be kept simple: put away the Christmas decorations and gifts that are still in the living room, complete one cycle of laundry, begin to clean off the dining room table. Personally, my goals are simple too: read daily Scripture, prepare for finance committee meeting, apply root touch-up solution to combat the skunk-like look of my hair at the part-line. Already completed one goal: to blog.

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