Thursday, November 19, 2009

clearing out the cobwebs

I once again have so many thoughts swimming about in my head that I can't focus on one at a time. So this entry will just be thoughts (that I'm willing to share) that I am listing for the sole purpose of helping to make space in my head to be able to concentrate on a few select things. Then hopefully I will be able to accomplish some things that have not gotten done due to the excuse that I just can't focus on them.

  1. plan menus
  2. update resume
  3. put things away
  4. create homes for things that don't have homes
  5. exercise
  6. learn Spanish
  7. vestry clerk work
  8. put away spring/summer clothes
  9. laundry
  10. update filing system
  11. complete obligated correspondence
  12. trim bushes
  13. use up pantry food that I bought on a whim
  14. set up printer
Oh there are many more, but maybe writing down these will help. It would also help dramatically if I were not such a perfectionist about these things!

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