Friday, October 23, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Now that I've been back at work for a few months, I have gotten bitten by that helping others bug again. I love helping people communicate! So of course, I have started thinking about my career future again. I feel like I just finished college and was first figuring out what I wanted to do for a career. Only this time I like what I do. I think I just want to do that and more!

So the purpose of this entry is to get some of my thoughts out of my head. I also appreciate your feedback, as I rely on others to help me sort out my thoughts. I am not ready to jump ahead and take any irreversible action at this time. But I'd like to see what my options might be. Also, feel free to play devil's advocate with me, just indicate that you're doing so please. :)

Here are the parts of my job as a speech therapist that I really like:
  • working with other people
  • helping people with communication impairments make breakthroughs
  • working with both patients/clients and families
  • making a difference in their lives
  • the spiritual high I get when I am in a relationship with a patient and/or family member
  • how people seem to see my faith in me
  • how I get to see others' faith in action
  • teaching/training others

Here are things I don't necessarily do now but would like to do in a career:
  • public speaking
  • be able to communicate on a very basic level in Spanish when needed
  • teaching
  • counseling
  • provide multiple services for others through my own skills or a network of professionals/charity organizations
Here are some reasons why I need to take this slowly:
  • uncertainty of James' employment future
  • I tend to get ahead of myself at times
  • I already have a lot of commitments to others, especially to my family at this time
  • My family must be my priority
  • What if God is calling me to something new and different? How do I discern that?


sarah said...

Hey Helen, you've done some great thinking so far. Only question I think you need to discern that isn't here is what kind/type/situation of people do you most enjoy working with. Is it anyone who has trouble communicating, or a particular kind of trouble, or is it an age range or demographic category, a particular kind of family...? etc.? Similar question - what kind of setting or environment do you work best in?

Danielle said...

Hmmmmmm. These are deep thoughts. I would like to point out that I think you've organized yourself well! :) wink, wink. I have something to say about the question of "what if God is calling me to something new and different?" That's a great one. The thing is, if He is doing that, I believe He will make it CLEAR to you. Not necessarily all in one fell swoop, but in each individual step. I don't think you need to fear missing it. And I just want to affirm all the things I see you say you enjoy. Those are the things you talk most about. It'll come...