Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a new goal

I feel like I'm floundering today.  That word is one I've said a lot but rarely if ever written down.  It looks funny.  Anyway, I digress.  Or perhaps I should say I flounder.  Today I simply got stuck.  Several times.  I would be able to pick myself up and start something, but then find myself stuck again.  It seems like as usual there is way too much going on in my mind.  Too many ideas, and no motivation to get any of them done.  I actually have some time to get a few things done, if I would just do it.  Of course I'm looking at all the things I'm not doing through my perfectionist glasses.  I do actually get some things done.

I want someone to talk to during the day.  Maybe it's the extrovert in me.  Maybe it's an excuse.  I sit and visualize how much more fun it would be if I had someone with me while I do what I need to do.  Even if they didn't lift a finger, and just kept me company while I worked.  After I do that, I get stuck.

So if I set a new goal for myself, maybe that will help.  How do pick what to focus on?  A friend told me recently that I am really good at a lot of things naturally.  That presents a problem in setting priorities for my time and money.  There's too much to do so I don't do much of anything.

And then when I get around to blogging, it's negative again.  Ugh.  Blah.

I just don't feel satisfied.  But what is missing?  I don't know.  What should be my goal?


Lynn said...

I get like that sometimes, too. There are so many things I WANT to do but the things I NEED to do seem to get in the way. I seem to have this constant battle in my head over figuring out whether to do what I WANT or what I NEED to do, then nothing seems to get done. I work hard on getting the necessary things done thinking that will free up the time to do the other things, but the list of "have to's" keep adding up. Sometimes I think I'm just getting lazy or selfish...I just want to do what I WANT to do. Sounds to me as if I might not be having enough fun...spending too much time on being "responsible". :-)

Helen said...

Thanks, Lynn. It helps to hear I'm not alone in this. A good night's sleep also helps. Today has been a better day.

sarah said...

I read a quote somewhere (wish I could remember) that said more or less, "People will always do what they WANT to do." I forget the second sentence but I think it was something about how we will find the reasons and the excuses we need to end up doing what we want in the end. So sometimes when it feels like we're doing neither needed nor wanted things, maybe we're just really succeeding at NOT doing things we DON'T WANT to do!

Does this make any sense? :)