Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Sleepover

Happy Birthday, J! He is 9 years old today. We are currently finishing up his first sleepover. Two of his good friends spent the night here last night. We had lasagna and ceasar salad for supper (Jay's BD supper request), then went to see the movie "Shorts" which overall was a success, I think. One of his friends got up 5 or 6 times in the night, but doesn't remember any of it. And we thought Jay's sleepwalking was bad! This morning for breakfast we had bacon, apple slices and birthday cake. Then he got to open his presents.

The boys have been well-behaved, and MC has been a trooper. She came down with a cold last night, but she came with us to the movie and is now participating in Wii golf with the boys. We have 30 more minutes to go before pick-up.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were from birthday and slumber parties that my mom (I now realize) worked so hard behind the scenes to make happen for me. Thanks, Mom! I hope that my kids will have good memories of these parties too.

It's very interesting. Here in Raleigh, most of the birthday parties my kids have gone to have been held at some venue outside the home. All of the ones I went to were at my friends' houses. Perhaps that was because we were in the country and there weren't so many options. Many of my friends look at me in bewilderment when I say what we're doing for my kids' birthdays. "You're brave," they say. I'm just trying to foster friendships and create good memories.

And hopefully today there will be an opportunity for me to take a nap!


Lynn said...

I can't imagine our kids not having sleepovers! Good for you Helen! Your children are blessed!

kimgwest said...

Excellent mom that you are Helen, I have no doubt your kiddos will have GREAT childhood (and birthday) memories!