Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm proud of me.

Since I posted my thoughts on my blog earlier today, I have actually made a lot of progress in my house. I covered the van trunk floor with bags of clothing I had already set aside (but left in the guest room) to give away, plus two shopping bags of give away items set aside in the basement. But get this - to the items already set aside I added the following today:

my graduate school graduation gown and hood
my prom dress
my senior voice recital dress from college
a dress I wore to the Homecoming dance my sophomore year in college
my old lab coat
Christmas decorations that I never used, and decided not to repack with the Christmas stuff this year
3 pool floaties for infants

As I write this, I am having some regret about letting these things go. Maybe I should really hold on to that hood... (If you think I shouldn't let these things go, please do not tell me!) They are in the van and I am going to drop them off at Good Will when I'm in the area this afternoon.

The good news, I remind myself, is that in taking those things out of the closet, I freed up enough space to store 3 rubbermaid containers of seasonal clothes, my suitcase, and 2 other bags (both of which probably need to be released too, but I will save for another day). That freed up floor space in the guest room and the master bedroom. And that feels good.

When I had the Homecoming dress cleaned (almost 20 years ago!), they hung it on this special bust-form hanger. Together with the mass of plastic wrapped around it, this item alone freed up 5 inches of space in my closet!


Lynn said...

I never had a dress that required a bust-form hanger. Wonder why that is? :-)

sarah said...

First you articulated your thoguhts and made your confession and that freed up energy to move forward! I love blogs. All the power of journals, but with some friendly accountability. Well done.

Helen said...

Yea, blogs are fun. But that newly uncovered floor space seems to have disappeared again...